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We approach Dance form a Concept-based perspective. Rather than focus traditional technique’s. We teach modern Dance through the elements of space. Time, efforts, movement and form.

Through this conceptual approach, students learn modern technique’s improvisation, choreography, community, somatic awareness and musical awareness. As other techniques and style are introduced through special programs. We explore how they support the above areas of impasse.

OUR VISION:  3D Motion, we believe the studio is an environment where healthy risk-taking. In all forms is encouraged. Students develop skills in performing and perceiving through participating in Dancing, as well as watching. Supporting others in their class. Center of quality education and innovative Dance activities, Instructors are well trained by masters & Bollywood choreographers such as Terence Lewis, shiamakdavarand more.  

OUR MISSION: Make sure you highlight the educational opportunities that our school institute takes pride in This can include special courses and workshops as well as extracurricular you can even feature esteemed members of the faculty. Given an opportunity to students in reality TV shows add films, short films, live shows and more.

Our Teachers

Neel Sagar

Neel Sagar

Founder & CEO of 3D Motion
Pooja Jagtap

Pooja Jagtap

Junior Choreographer of 3D Motion


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We provide Best Dance Courses, Fitness Program, Nutrition plans to kids and adults also provide Drama, Drawing, Kids Brain Development Multiple Arts programs across India


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